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itbazarbd.com aims to be the most useful and trusted mobile phone, tab, and laptops info site of Bangladesh. The goal is to help a large number of popular electronics gadget enthusiasts of the country with all important info. But our primary focus is on smartphones. We want to thanks the Homoq team because they helped us for developing and researching. They also helped us with a content idea and future planning of this site.

Our aim

itbazarbd.com a useful and trusted mobile phone, laptop, and mobile operators tabs for data collection and dissemination is working. I’ve been honest with the information to the media. itbazarbd.com and mobile operators to easily offer a variety of price band mobile phone with a variety of information are delivered to the people.

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Here you will have the capacity to find the most recent and forthcoming top contraptions in Bangladesh. The Value range channel will give you a chance to discover cell phones that fits your financial plan. Also find your desired smartphone, feature phone, tab, laptop, or e-reader from the top brands such as Sony, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Symphony, Walton, LG, Huawei, etc. We generally search for the most recent and coming soon gadgets from more than 30 diverse brands that have been added to our site by contraption classifications. In this way, make sure to stay tuned with us.


Itbazarbd.com shows the prices after doing proper market research in Bangladesh. For most of the brands, we show showroom prices. But some brands do not have any showroom in Bangladesh e.g. Xiaomi, Motorola, BlackBerry, etc. At these brands, we indicate cost from mainstream nearby retailer shops. In any case, the cost may fluctuate from merchants to merchants and cost may diminish after some time. We attempt to upgrade the costs at any rate twice consistently and attempt to demonstrate the most reasonable cost from approved merchants. We don’t promise that you can discover the gadgets with identical cost in a shop or shopping center in your present region of home.

We likewise don’t promise that the determinations are 100% exact. The greater part of the details was gathered from the official webpage of every brand or trusted source on the web. Be that as it may, there is dependably a probability of committing little errors while manual information passage. In the event that you see any, you can mail us at bditbazarbd@gmail.com.